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Annual Reports

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Pursuant to subsection G of Virginia Code § 2.2-447, the OCO shall submit to the Governor, the Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Social Services, and the General Assembly an annual report on the OCO’s activities, including any recommendations regarding the need for legislation or for a change in rules or policies.

Investigative Reports

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Pursuant to subsection A of Virginia Code § 2.2-447, the OCO shall prepare a report of factual findings of an investigation and make recommendations to the agency under investigation if the OCO finds any of the following: (1) a matter should be further considered by the agency; (2) an administrative act or omission should be modified, canceled, or corrected; (3) reasons should be given for an administrative act or omission, or (4) other action should be taken by the agency. Most investigative reports will not be posted here or otherwise be made public. If the OCO decides to post an investigative report, the report will redact confidential and protected personal information and will include any statement made in response to the OCO report by the agency subject to the investigation in accordance with subsection B of Virginia Code § 2.2-447

Issue Briefs

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In furtherance of its duty to effect changes in policy, procedure, and legislation related to Virginia’s child welfare system, the OCO may provide issue briefs discussing discreet issues and possible ideas, initiatives, or innovations to address such issues through changes in policy, procedure, or legislation.